Scott Nazarino Announces Candidacy as a Republican for President

Seattle, Washington – September 30, 2019 – Scott Nazarino, former U.S. Senate Candidate and Financial Service’s Businessman for over 27 years, announces his run for President as a Republican.  Scott is passionate about making a difference in the lives of all Americans.  His business experience, which includes close to 15 years in the Securities Industry, will help all Americans because of his in depth understanding of the financial markets.  He has been insurance licensed for over 27 years and understands about protecting ones assets for Retirement and Estate Planning, but also has an in depth understanding of Long Term Care and Health Insurance.

Scott has been involved in the Republican Party in Washington State since 2005.  Even though he is known in Washington he is not a “party guy”.  He often goes against the thinking of the party and reaches directly out to the people.  He has had much success in reaching Democrats, Independents, and people of all political persuasions.

“Politics has polarized America and it’s about time we look at each other as people and not what political party we tend to align with.”

We need leadership in our country that not only understands business, but how to help all Americans get on the path towards success.  The definition of success can be defined in so many different ways.  Scott would argue that to simply relieve financial stress is the first step towards success.  It’s not how much money we have that determines our value.  It’s how much we can help those around us, including our neighbors and others in our sphere of influence.  Caring for others comes from the heart and when we as Americans reach out we will begin to feel more purposeful in life.

Scott’s platform is three-fold:

  1. Go beyond the public education system by using our knowledge and talents to help others become more successful.
  2. Revamp the Healthcare System with a hybrid plan of traditional insurance combined with no stigma insurance for everyone else.
  3. Balance the Budget in 5 years and Eliminate the National Debt in 20 years.

Scott visited Iowa recently and will be returning to campaign and speak at the Polk County Central Committee Meeting on October 22.

Scott Nazarino for President